4 Week Basic Program

This 4 week program is an entry level program with all the basics covered. Understand this 4 week program will set you up for more advance programs that will be soon released. After completing this program you will feel stronger, feel better & look better. Also the knowledge thrown out here is the basis for all other programs.

This 4 week program follows the bro split approach which is four days or work 3 days off. The layout is like this:


Monday: Chest & Tricep

Tuesday: Back & Bicep

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Shoulders, Traps & Calves

Friday: Legs & Abs

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest


I would recommend doing active recovery on your days of. Doing some light cardio for 20-30 minutes is perfect. But then again if you don’t like cardio try swapping it for something else, hiking, cycling dancing or just getting jiggy, whatever really suits you. Just make sure you enjoy it, don’t do something you don’t like but at the same time don’t rule something out if you haven’t tried it.


You can download the PDF file and use it as you will, it has all the information inside and you can fill it in as you go. You can buy a folder and store all of your progress if you wish to do so. You may bring your sheet with you and you can track your lifts as you go. Also I included a word doc of it so you can edit it as you will. Another thing is if the days do not fit your schedule you can juggle them in a way that it does.



|4 Week Basic Program(PDF) |4 Week Basic Program (Word Doc)|


Lastly, enjoy what you do & if you miss a day don’t be bad to yourself. One step, One workout at a time. Peace


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