Top 8 Tips To Get You Fit

1. Macros

Most important thing to do in order to gain that desired body that you have always wanted will start no matter what, in the kitchen. Why? This is because all your energy comes from food. If you consume more energy than you expend then that energy is being stored in your body, more than likely as fat.

Hence the kitchen is where you start, by making sure we eat enough foods to fuel us for the day and not more than required.

Calculating your macros is a great place to start. Having a set goal will give you something to aim for.


2. Habits.

Writing down your current food plan will make you aware of the foods you consume. Target the unhealthy options and slowly extract them out of your old food plan and replace the cheeky chocolate bar with a healthy option.

The best approach is to tackle one thing at a time. This isn’t an 8 week transformation. This is a lifelong sustainable plan to make you feel fit, have more energy and feel clear minded and always sharp.

3. Exercise Plan

Now that your diet is set up, you know how much you should be eating & now you can focus on exercise. Food will fuel your workout and will enhance the process of you losing weight and gaining those lovely muscles you always wanted. Download from link below a 4 week program to get you started.

4. Supplements

Now that you are addicted to watching what you eat and addicted to going to the gym, how can you naturally help yourself to hit them macros and micros to stay on track? Supplements are what you can supplement your diet with to acquire nutrients that are missing. Like protein or vitamins.

Below is a list of supplements I recommend to start with.

5. Diet Plans

Everything looks good, now to make it really stick considering a diet plan will allow you to fall into a routine, rather than picking and mixing foods on the go. Having an established diet plan will allow you to track your macros much quicker, but also allow you to sustain it for much longer. Once you get sick of one diet plan you can change the things you don’t like for foods that you do. Consistency wins every time. Below is a link to an affordable diet plan that will go flawlessly with your 4 week program.

6. Cardio

Wow, look at you go!! You have done so much to change your life around. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, educating yourself and simply being more aware of yourself. Introducing cardio will bring your game to the next level. How? Article below explains

7. Extra Mile

Understanding how muscles are built will make you aware of the best foods to consume for maximum muscle growth. In this article I have provided a list of foods that should be consumed for efficient muscle growth.

8. Sleep

To round up these top 8 tips, sleep is the best form of recovery. 1 sleep cycle lasts 90 minutes aim for 4-5 cycles a night to get the most of your sleep.


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