#8: How muscle is grown and what’s the best way to increase muscle growth

This blog post will be a bit techy but educational. If you want to know how gains are made and the best possible way to obtain them then read on FAM.



This is a basic picture of a group of muscle fibres, which essential form every muscle in the body. They all work the same, no matter where you look, bicep, triceps, back muscles, face or leg. As Sean Mulholland mentioned in his discussion corner on instagram (Check him out, great guy with lots of knowledge). He said there are two filaments involved in producing the movement in your muscle. These filaments cause the contractions that we feel in our muscles. Now what happens when you go to the gym is that you apply an excessive amount of force on your muscles which breaks down the muscle, essentially partial tearing it.

Side note: People think that muscle is grown in the gym through lifting heavy ass weights. False. When you are in the gym all you are doing is tearing the muscle leaving gaps that need to be repaired.  So what does the body do to repair these tears?

A macronutrient known as… yup, protein, fills in these holes/tears and allows the muscle to recuperate to a bigger stronger muscle. Now an epiphany should have accrued in you. Building muscle is a three part system. Lets break it down.

Step 1: Break the muscle down by lifting stuff.

Step 2: Rebuild by ingesting protein.

Step 3: Welcome gains with open arms.

Okay, so that’s how the muscle grows in three steps.

Now what’s the most efficient way to grow them?

Okay so the second part to your epiphany should have been that muscle grows through what we eat. The macronutrient is broken down into smaller molecules in the digestive system. Protein get broken down into amino acids. The main amino acid that is involved in muscle growth is leucine. Leucine is found in what’s commonly known as BCAA (Branched Chained Amino Acids) which comprises of leucine, isoleucine & valine of which leucine is the most effective for muscle building and releases a chemical named mTor which kick-starts muscle synthesis (muscle building). Wow that escalated quickly, ha-ha. Bear with me.

How does one acquire this amino acid? Well through foods and supplementations.  Below is a pdf of common foods which have leucine.


So how much leucine do you need, well it is recommended that you take 5g – 10g per day. You can achieve this through eating the above foods or you can buy BCAA’s or Leucine as supplements.

Awesome so that is the best way to effectively build muscle.

What else do I need to know?

When you work out you have 48 hour window gap where muscles repair and rebuild. Best time to ingest protein would be after a workout, that’s why whey is so helpful; its liquid form allows the protein to be absorbed by the body straight away.

Let’s say you work out legs you have 48 hours where your body will try to repair those muscle fibres. That is the time frame where you should be consuming protein. If you do not get enough you are jeopardizing your gainz. After 48 hours your body can train legs again. Making sure that you get plenty of sleep, as muscle building occurs mostly when we sleep.

So I hope this article helped you understand how muscles grow and how to effectively grow them to maximum potential.

Let me know if you liked this on FB or Instagram. Ask me any questions you have. Also Ask me any topics on which you would like me to cover in the future.

Happy Gainz, Stay Consistent. Peace.

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