#6: Diet Plans

Hi guys, another Monday another blog. Today we focus on a sample diet plan to put you on the right track, weather you are trying to lose fat get lean or bulk up. This is a great starter diet plan pack. Its easy to use and super easy to make. This diet plan is easy to manipulate so you can use it to your advantage. What I mean by manipulate is that you can take stuff that you don’t like and add in the stuff you do like, or you can change your current plan and add stuff from this diet to your current one. Like i mentioned before changing your habits in baby steps is how you set your self up for success. Pick one meal from breakfast lunch & dinner, as many snacks as you need to reach you macros. I would recommend whey protein as well. Taking one in the morning, an hour upon waking to kick start your metabolism and one after your workout to start the muscle repair and muscle synthesis (building muscle).  I have also including a pdf that you can download at the end of the blog where you can write in your meals and calories. Use this to your advantage, stick it up on your fridge and use it as a guide to remind you to stick to your plan. Use it for 4 weeks, evaluate it, see if it works and then change it accordingly to your goals and go for another 4 weeks. Find what works for you because someone external can only help to a certain extent. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Have a look at some of the other blogs to help you set you up for success. I really believe that we can do it, we all can.

Oh and one more important thing, the scales are only tool, so be careful how you use them. Just because the numbers are not changing that does not mean your not changing. If you are putting in the work the scales will show you love as well, it might take some time for your body to adjust, hence 4 weeks. If you lose or gain 2kg in 4 weeks, just by changing your diet that’s awesome!!

And one more more thing, weigh yourself daily at the same time preferably in morning upon waking. After 7 days find the average and do it again the following week and use the average number to compare your gains. i.e. if my average for week 1 was 100kg and week 2 average was 99.5kg, i have lost .5kg which is AWESOME!!!


  1. Oats with mixed flax seeds & chia seeds + fruit of your choice
  2. Protein Pancakes with Low Fat yoghurt and choice of your fruit (Strawberries, blueberries, banana etc.)
  3. Omelette with ham, spinach, red pepper served with brown bread.

*A protein shake an hour within waking.


  1. Tuna Salad served with basmati rice/ lentils
  2. Salmon with Salad served with basmati rice/ lentils
  3. Chicken Breast/Thigh/Drumstick served with basmati rice/ sweet potato fries


  1. Chicken breast/thigh/drumstick with mixed veg served with basmati rice/sweet potato
  2. Salmon with honey glazed asparagus served with basmati rice
  3. Lean beef burgers with mixed veg served with basmati rice


  1. Cottage cheese with Jam of your choice or fruit i.e. Pineapple
  1. Okay a few things to talk about before talking about the foods that have been chosen for this plan.Banana
  2. Kiwi
  3. Blueberries
  4. Almonds
  5. Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter

Okay a few things to talk about before talking about the foods that have been chosen for this plan.

  1. Affordability: Dieting can be quiet expensive, with this plan I have made it as cost effective as I can.
  2. Versatility: There is 3 dishes to choose from in each category. The key to successful dieting is to stick to the same meals over and over. So if I was you I would pick one meal for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Stick to those meals for 4 weeks and then change them up to the other choices. This way it gives you 12 weeks of a plan. How awesome is that!!
  3. Practical: This diet is high in protein, vitamins and minerals which is ideal for sustained energy, feeling better and a clearer mind.
  4. Carbs: So the way I designed the plan is simple. After you calculate your macro’s [LINK HERE on how to calculate your macro’s] you will know how much protein fats and carbs you need. Look at the label of the food you buy and measure out how much you need. Depending on your goals use how many carbs you need. For instanced if you are losing weight I would reduce carbs to a very small amount something between 100g-200g. If you are lean bulking I would recommend 300-500g. For bulk anything over 400g. If you are trying to lose fat, you can nearly eliminate all white carbs from your diet.

Just bare in mind that trying to lose weight and get lean at the same time is quiet hard, not impossible but hard. Set your goal to one or the other. If I was you I would channel all my energy into losing the weight first and then building up lean mass with a lean bulk. Once the physique is acquired stay at a caloric maintenance.

Food Choices:


High in protein, high in BCAA (Muscle building Amino Acids) *Note: Do not use more than 3 egg yolks as they are high in cholesterol


High in complex carbs and fibre. A.k.a long release energy and good for cleansing the gut


High in healthy fats including omega 3. Like I mentioned in my previous blog about omega 3, its god damn good for you.

Chicken Breast/Thigh/Drumstick:

Well because everyone loves chicken and what kind of diet would it be if there was no chicken. On the affordability side of things, chicken breast can be a bit pricey so to bring down you budget you may buy chicken thighs which are just as good just have a small bit more fat, but if you can get over that. Happy days. Also chicken is very high in protein, great source.

Cottage Cheese:

This one is one of my favourites, you can mix it with strawberry jam and it tastes amazing or simply add pineapple slices or just have it plain. In Lidl I think they cost 60c for one tub and you get 22g of protein, low in fat and carbs so its an ideal shout for a snack. Also it’s a great snack before bed as the protein here is casein which is a slow release protein great for when the body is sleeping compared to whey protein.


Educate yourself on fats, there are a few out there and some we dont need and some we need for survival. Although almonds have nothing to do with survival they are a great source of protein fibre and other minerals. I will do a future blog on fats, very interesting topic.

As with the above plan I have made it so that you can select a meal, write it in, use my fitness pal app to count how many calories your using per serving. Add up your daily and you will see what numbers you are at. From that you will know if you are hitting your calories or not, so you can add or subtract food to meet your goals. Use these numbers then to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s a pretty simple plan and if used effectively it can have serious life changing effects.

Thank you again guys for reading this blog I really appreciate the time you take and I hope I can change a life, that would mean the world.

Stay Consistent, Stay strong. Peace




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