#5: Supplements to Start With

Supplements, why we need them and how to use them?
The easiest whey to explain this is to say that supplements are used to supplement your diet with nutrients that are lacking in your diet.
There are a lot of supplements out there that are useful and a lot of them that are just a sham. To keep it simple I will talk about the three most essential to lifting and just in general everyday use.
Whey: What is whey? Whey is just a bi-product of cheese making. Whey is very high in protein, low in fat & carbs. It is the perfect supplement. How you should take whey is based on your diet needs. If your diet does not fulfil your protein goals, well then have a look at whey protein for the solution. Protein is essentail for muscle repair, maintenance and growth. Even if you are vegan there are vegan choices too. Everyone wins. Getting enough protein into your diet can be hard so this quick and easy cocktail can be made with water or milk (if you need those extra calories) you can add it to foods and smoothies, its just so versatile. Plus it makes you feel fuller for longer and studies show that protein increases your metabolism which means, yup you guessed it, higher fat burn. Woop Woop!!
Few points on whey:
1. Whey shakes can be used straight after a workout to kick strat your protein synthesis (muscle building). Due to its liquid form it gets into the system much quicker than eating something solid like a chicken.
2. Whey is also high in BCAA (Branch Chained Amino Acid: In short bcaa are comprised of three amino acids, Lecuine, Iso-Lucine & Valine. The most important being leucine as this is proven to be the main building block for muscle building ( Muscle synthesis )) Each serving of whey has about 3-5g of bcca. Companies dont include this on the label because bcaa are sold separately. Its called marketing. Also fun fact: 1 egg contains approx 3g-5g of bcaa ๐Ÿ˜‰
3. OPINION: I take unflavoured whey, why? I find that the flavoured whey is full of untraceable sugars, which it is, i.e. sucralase. These dont count for sugars but still are sugars. Look it up. Anyways how can something be so sweet and have zero sugar… hmmm!!! Its just like having zero sugar cola which is full of sweeteners which in turn is worse for you, but this is your decsion to make. Unflavoured whey does not give me a queezy feeling when taking first thing in the morning. A shake is a great whey to kickstart your metabolism.
Fish Oils: These are absolutely essentail for everyday use especially if you do not eat enough fish. The benefits from fish oils are endless. Everything from depression to losing fat. Here from examine.com you can have a look at all the research on fish oils. Fish Oil Research. Even if you are not lifting its recommended to take fish oils for efficient everyday function. 1g is enough but you can take Much more per day.
Multi-Vitamin: If your diet lacks fruit and veg it is likely that you also lack esstential micro nutrients. Reason for supplementing multi vitamins, to allow all your systems to work at their best. Recovery will be quicker, muscle building will be quicker, cognitive function sharper and longer lasting energy. You can supplement multi-vits but I would highly recommended getting your micro’s through diet. Micro nutrients are so underrated. They basically make us work right.
To start your lifting journey these three are all that you need. Later when you level up in your confidence in the gym and begin to understand how it all works you can start looking at other Supplements like creatine, zma, vit d, magnesium, pre workout, beta alanine, citruline malate, d-aspartic acid ect… The list goes on but no need to worry about them, you need to find what works for your body at the end of the day. Happy Monday guys, go and smash your week. Peace

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