#2: A Diet to Set You up for Success

Okay so now that you have set out your goals. The next step is to create a diet for yourself that will be easy to follow. What I would recommend doing first is to track your diet for one week by either writing it down or by using an app such as my fitnesspal. Once you have a week covered you should identify the unhealthy foods & drinks i.e sugary drinks, snacks, take outs and other foods that you might consider being unhealthy, maybe even alcoholic drinks too if you like to party.
Bare in mind that I believe in a balanced diet & everything in moderation.
So, you see that you had 8 packets of maltasears in that week. Thats nearly 1500 calories you took in that has no real benefit to you except for bringing you closer to diabetes. Thats 160g of sugar. Its also more than half of your daily calories spent on 1 treat.
Okay so what should I do? well the first thing is to be aware of this consumption. Once your aware you should be able to tell your self that its not worth it. Heres how you fix the problem, the majority of people are not able to give something up, cold turkey style and if they do they come back to the addiction twice as hard. What you need to do is cut down slowly week by week. So if you had 8 malteasers this week make it your goal to have only 7 then 6 then 5 and so on until you come to a stage where you only have sweets on a cheat day per sae. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with having a snack or sweets or a take out. You need these things in your life otherwise whats the point. I don’t know about you but I would not be able to survive on grass and leaves for the rest of my life.
Okay so once you have taken action in taken bad things out of your diet its time to get you eating clean. Try to introduce your favourite vegetable into every meal you eat. Firstly starting with one meal per day then two and so on. if you don’t like a certain vegetable then don’t eat it, experiment with different veg until you find the one. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You got this. My aim is to eat 500g of veg a day. Thats about 12 servings.
I will talk about the importance of vegetables in a near future blog.
Okay so you have started to take the bad things out and added good things in. Lets say you are 4-5 weeks in. You should now introduce a cheat day or meal depending on how well your diet is going.
Go for cheat meal if you are still having a lot of treats and snacks through out the week. Otherwise have a cheat day that fits in around your macros but don’t worry too much about it. That can be anything you want, your favourite take out your, favourite chocolate, croissant, pudding, burger whatever. Eat to your hearts satisfied. Cheats days are something to look forward to, makes your week better because its a reward for yourself and who doesn’t like rewards, in my opinion when you complete a full week of eating healthy you don’t fell guilty having your splendid eddie rockets.
To set yourself out for success you should do the following:
  1. Take things slow, identify the unhealthy, target them, eliminate, add the good stuff, continue the process, establish a cheat day.
  2. Set one day as a cheat day for 24h. I do it Fridays from 10 am to Saturday 10 am, because i like to go out and socialise with my friends and have cans with the boys.
  3. Do your shopping the day of your cheat day or day before, reason, When you finish your cheat day your fridge is stocked up on food and you don’t have to turn to ‘just eat’ for another take out.
  4. Making sure you drink plenty of water at least 2 litres a day.
Having the basics down will get you started to a more energised, fulfilling & motivated week. So when you start the gym you feel more confident. Next week we will look at a basic program to get you started. If you have any questions just contact me on Instagram @Pj Paul Timas or send me and email @ pijustimas@live.com. Peace

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